The First step in developing submission is opening ones mind.

chain and heart

Read these words with an open-mind, free of prejudice of the words used. Feel free to agree or disagree. Forming an opinion shows you took time enough to read and consider the concepts.

Getting Beyond simply 'human'

A conversation took place where a friend stated that she was a "human being first" when discussing thoughts of submission. Unfortunately, I failed to ask what this persons basis for comparison is (be it animal, vegetable, mineral, or perhaps a fear of being put lower in the food chain) that would cause a negative reaction to being considered a submissive first. It has been driven into us that to be anything but human is to lessen ourselves but in reality thinking as simply a human being is the true disability. To be solely a human being is to think in the constraints society has put on humans. The ideals instilled in us to be in control of our own lives, look out for ourselves first, never give anyone else say so over who we are ... those same ideals that cause so many to look down on D/s deeming it demoralizing and abusive. Locking yourself into that mold locks you into that human mindset that says "I must be in control of every aspect of my life." It then cripples you, making it impossible to freely give yourself to a Dominant. Obviously we are a social race. It is 'how' we choose or are taught to socialize that limits or frees us to pursue a deeper state of mind.

Being a submissive should take you beyond simply being a 'human being.' But if part of you desires to be a submissive and another part has negative attitudes regarding it the struggle you feel inside your mind transfers to a D/s relationship and makes it destined to fail. In order to let go of that 'human' way of thinking you must educate yourself on the rights and privileges of a submissive, dispelling the fears that being submissive makes you subhuman. Or that to give control takes away power. Power exchange can only occur when control is given as well as taken, in turn empowering the parties involved.

Submissives have all the rights and privileges that any other human being possess except a submissive sits higher in value in this lifestyle than any mere 'human' could. Submissives possess many additional qualities. One being the ability to put the needs of the Dominant s/he serves above his or her own, knowing that in doing so his or her needs will be met as well... to become a 'mind-reader' in a sense because all the Dominant has to do is make a gesture and the submissive instantly knows what is desired. The power of observation is greater in a submissive than in a mere 'human' ... perhaps it is a 7th sense given to them by the Deities for following a path that is perfected by few and craved by many or perhaps a skill honed by a person with full knowledge of it's true value.

A couple of people who have read this have had a less than positive reaction to it. Possibly due to the fact that it is seen by many that to put anyone elses needs above their own is to neglect their needs instead of seeing that it is the desire of the Dominant to take over and fill those needs in return for service. Yes, submissives are humans. Dominants are humans. Slaves are humans. But, some of us are humans who thrive to move past simply "being human" and develop a relationship with one another that goes past 'give and take' to the realm of unity... serving each others needs, fulfilling each others desires, accepting each others power, and building a foundation for true D/s relationships.

This site may assist you in overcoming any negative reactions you feel towards your submissive desires, help you to create a more positive mind-set, a higher level of self-acceptance, and a greater insight on the person you inspire to be.