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Welcome to My story page. These stories are written to enchant, intrigue, and in some cases, scare you. They are meant to make you think about the topics, dream about the acts, and truly dive deeper into your submission.

If you would rather hear Mistress Sky's voice telling you a story or verbally guiding you into submission you will find recorded stories, fantasies, and more at My Keen website, .

Story Links:

Completion (part one)

Kidnapped! (part one)

A Bedtime Story for the Girls

COMPLETION -part one

Today was the day he had been dreaming of all his life, the day his Mistress will name him and claim him totally as Hers..the day he will become complete. As he stares at himself in the bathroom mirror he begins thinking back to when he first met Her. He knew from the first time he looked into Her sapphire eyes and felt the sting on his cheek from the slap that followed that She was the One that would fulfill his dreams of submission.

The relationship started with a simple phone call. He had been aimlessly typing in search words on the Internet just to see what kind of website would come up when he found Her site. It had Her picture with a button daring the viewer to enter. Curiosity got he best of him and with a simple little click he had unlocked all his hidden desires. The words on the page echoed his secret fears and forbidden fantasies. Her phone number was listed on the bottom of the page but it took him almost 2 weeks to get up the nerve to call. The first time he called he hung up when She picked up the phone, his fears got the best of him. The second time he managed a meek 'hello.' The Mistress greeted him with a tone that was welcoming and calmed him instantly. During his first call with her they discussed what he wanted to experience. Ofcourse like every new eager slave he wanted to do anything that would please his Mistress but as the conversation went on, he finally admitted to the deep desire to be a sissy-maid.

At first the training was via phone, he would put on a silky pair of panties and a lacy bra for his Mistress' choosing then perform whatever tasks She had given him. These sessions helped him to accept who he really was but he wanted to be able to live the fantasy as well. After a few months he began seeing her on an in-person basis was well as continuing phone sessions. The sessions were always different though they always had a theme. Once She had him dressed as a harem girl, pillows and silk scarves decorated the room. She laid across a pillow with two other 'harem girls' fanning Her with large feather fans, clapped Her hands and ordered him to belly dance for Her ... to seduce Her with the movements of the flowing veils. He found himself wiggling his hips in front of Her totally lost in the scene.

One thing that never changed in the scenes was his role as a female slave and tonight would be no different, in that aspect anyway. He loved his Mistress' imagination and trusted Her completely. He knew that even when the fantasy She wanted to act out was scary that She always had his safety in mind. Tonight he was told to wear a black bra and panty set with whited lace trim, black stockings, and a tight hunter green dress. He was to park a block away and walk towards Her house. He knew not to ask why just do as he was told then play along with the scenario. A few feet from Her doorstep a car drove up beside him, it was Her. She rolled down the window of the car and cooed, "hello, honey, you sure look nice. What's the going rate tonight, you sweet little slut?" Instantly he felt his 'clit' start to get hard. His mind flashed back to the streetwalkers he had seen portrayed in the movies. He approach the car and leaned in the passenger side, sticking his butt out attempting to look sexy. " Do you really think you could afford me?" he teased. She smiled slowly at him, unlocking the door, "Hop in, sweet cheeks, let's see if you can back up those big words."

They drove to a dark alley where She ordered him to pull up his skirt, upon doing so Her eyes flashed as She slapped him hard across the face. "You bitch!" She yelled, " you fake fucking bitch." Her hand reached between the seat and in an instant a knife was to his throat. " How dare you advertise yourself as a female, you dog!" Her other hand griped his balls tightly making him gasp in air as the pain increased. She removes the blade from his neck and starts the car. In silence they drive to a secluded area in the woods where the road dead ends at the base of a large oak tree. With his balls still tightly bound in Her grasp She gets out of the car dragging him across the drivers seat, leaving the lights on to illuminate the tree. She leads him to the tree then pushes him against it. The weight of Her body against him again starts making him erect. Teasingly She trails Her fingers down his chest, lingering at the top of the panty holding in his ever-growing member.

She runs Her hands up his arms as She stares deeply into his eyes. Someone quickly steps out from behind the tree and grabs his hands, tying them quickly above his head. His legs are cuffed to a spreader bar which is then anchored to the bottom of the tree. She steps back admiring the sight of Her slave. The sweet look of fear ... the smeared lipstick...dress in disarray ... the run in 'her' right stocking. She motions to the person in the shadows to approach the slave. The person positions between the slaves legs then swiftly rips away the slaves panties. The slave still has an erection, trusting that this scene like the others would end by 'her' being allowed to make a mess for Mistress then humiliated into licking it up ... and he was sure that now would be the grand finale, his little dick would squirt, then he would be delivered back to his car. His eyes widened as the mystery person pulled a banding instrument from a bag hidden by the tree. The person griped his balls, pulling and stretching the skin, then released them momentarily to position the elastrator. He looks pitifully into his Mistress' laughing eyes ... silently begging then a scream breaks the air. He feels the band tightening onto his scrotum, sending him into intense pain. Looking down he sees the life draining out of his balls as they are slowly suffocated by the constrictive band.

The minutes seemed like hours. His stomach cramped though his restraints kept him stretched upright. The pain echoed throughout his body. She approaches him, straight razor in hand. " Do you trust Me?" She asks. He nods slowly that he does. She takes that dying flesh into Her hand and in one quick slice cuts off his testicles above the band. Again screams echo through the silent woods. "One more thing left," She states in a reassuring voice. The person who has been assisting brings Her a suture gun to close the wound. The band worked to cut off the blood supply so the wound was easily cleaned.

She motions for Her assistant to untie the slave. They help the newly made eunuch to the car where exhaustion overcomes him. He wakes up in a doctors office still feeling the effects of the castration. He looks into Her eyes and mouths the words "thank you, Mistress" ... now he is one step closer to completion.

KIDNAPPED-part one

As he walks around the corner of the building and enters the alley where his car is parking he gets this odd feeling that he is being watched. At that moment a hand comes around his back, resting a knife against his neck. "Don't make a sound," a voice behind him warns, " would hate to make a mess on that nice suit of yours." He does not recognize the voice but realizing it is a woman he moves to grab the knife. Instantly he is knocked to the ground. "How the fuck dare you!", a slap is administered to his cheek. His heart starts pounding faster and faster as duck tape is put over his mouth and wrapped snugly around his wrists. He is blindfolded and thrown into a van ... it all happens so quickly yet he feels as if everything is moving in slow motion. He can hear the woman speaking to someone ... who is she? Who is she talking to? His thoughts race, "why me? What do they want with me? what about my wife? My kids?".

The van comes to a stop, the door is opened, the unknown woman grabs him by his hair and pulls him out into the ground. Another set of hands come up under his arms and pull him to his feet. He is lead through what he believes to be a field of fresh cut hay, the smell reminds him of his childhood home. Home... "I want to go home," he yells in his mind. Anger starts to replace the fear. Kicking out with his leg he tries to hit the person on his left, only to receive an openhanded slap to the right side of his face for the effort. "How dare you," the woman hisses. He hears the sound of metal against metal as the heavy steal doors are pulled shut behind them.

Suddenly, he is pushed down to the ground, a body stradling his chest, knees pinning his elbows to the floor, fingers entwined in his hair. Slowly, She removes his blindfold as She pushes her weight against him. He blinks his eyes trying to regain their focus, the blurry face in front of his begins to clarify as he stares into Her beautiful blue eyes. He could easily push Her off but he doesn't, he just lies there staring up at Her, captivated by way the candle light dances of Her face. She chuckles softly as She rises to Her feet. "Up, Now!", She commands. Not knowing what to expect he stands and takes a few steps back. An unseen person behind him pushes him forward. He stumbles toward his captor but the sound of Her switchblade opening assists him in regaining his balance quickly. "Undress," She orders. The person behind him cuts away the tape that has been binding his wrists to allow him to obey. He finally gets balls enough to speak, "No!" he says trying to sound like he has some control over what is happening. The person behind him grabs his hair at the same time kicks his left leg out from under him dropping him to his knees. His hair is pulled back to life his face up towards Her.

The look in Her eyes tells him that those balls he grew were now in danger of being force fed to him. She approaches him, placing the stiletto heal of her boot in between his legs, uncomfortably close to his manhood. She slowly slides the blade of the knife down his chest cutting away the buttons of his shirt one by one. "I will assume that you mistook My command for a request." She coos in a mocking tone, " and that your simple little mind has not yet grasps the fact that you no longer have a choice in matters." His wrists are again bound but this time it is handcuffs restraining them.

The unseen person assist in his torment finally steps into view. She is dressed in a leather suit that resembled the one worn by Catwoman in the old Batman TV show, her eyes and lips the only part of her flesh open to view. "Don't look at her," his captor warns, "she belongs to Me ... as do you" he again turns his attention to Her. The catgirl walks around the side of Her, keeping her eyes lowered and staying a respectful distance from her Mistress. She picks up a long piece of metal pipe from a table then moves behind him once more. He flinches expecting to be knocked over the head with the pipe. " Oh please," She says with an evil laugh," now why would we want to hit you and risk breaking our new toy? We just got that pipe yesterday," The catgirl giggles softly as she straps a thick nylon belt around his waist, attaching the handcuffs to it. The girl runs the pipe under his arms and attaches a chain to either end of it. He hears a switch being flipped on then the hum of a motor. He looks up at the pulley above him, it pulls him to his feet then hoists him up inch by inch. It stops, leaving him barely balnacing on his toes. The Mistress orders the girl to cut away his clothing, she does so sticking him now and then with the tip of the knife just enough to keep hiis attention.

The Mistress walks around him eyeing every inch of his naked flesh. He hears the snap of a latex glove behind him. "What are you...." he is cut off in mid sentence by a gag being shoved in his glove. The Mistress runs her gloved hand between his legs. She pulls the hair on his balls ordering him sharply to spread his legs. He does so but not to Her satisfaction. The girl reads this and quickly moves to get the spreader bar. She snaps the ankle cuffs on him and attaches the bar. The Mistress smiles at the girl, motioning for her to come to Her. She traces the girls face lightly with Her fingertips then places a soft kiss on Her lips. " He is your present, sweet one, why don't you open him", She says eyes gleaming with the knowledge of what is about to happen to this helpless speciman.

The girl puts a glove on her hand and moves behind him. She swats him hard on the right ass cheek with her bare hand, running the gloved one between his cheek and inserting a finger deep inside his ass. His tries to protest but the gag muffles the sounds. The girl moves the finger in and out rythmically, pressing her leather clad leg against his thigh. The finger is quickly replaced with a dildo. The sharp pain makes his knees weaken, forcing the bar to pinch against his arms. The Mistress steps to the front of him taking his cock into Her gloved hand, squeezing it firmly as the girl fucks him harder and deeper. He finds himself getting hard, the muted screams turning into moans. The girl bites down onto his neck as she starts to climax, Mistress takes his balls in Her hands squeezing them not so gently and daring him to cum. His whole body starts to quiver as he tries to fight release but it flows over him like an uncontrolable wave, a complete mental and physical orgasm....

He quickly sits up in bed looking around frantically, it must have all been a bad dream... or a wonderful nightmare.

(to be continued)

A bedtime story for the girls

I am wondering what My girl is doing at this moment ... are you fast asleep with soft silky material surrounding your body? Or perhaps, like Me, you have just taken a hot soothing bath with candlelight flickering gently, your skin still warm and moist to the touch...enjoying the feel of smooth satin caressing freshly shaven skin. Listening to mellow music and the sweet chirping lullaby of the crickets. It is this kind of evening that arouses My true feminine self, awakens My sexual side. The key to femininity is sensuality ... the art of seduction.

When in this mood it is My passion that controls My Dominance. Would you like a bedtime story, sweet girl? One about a beautiful blossoming girl, like yourself, and her night time ritual for Mistress may help you have sweet dreams....

Once upon a time there was this beautiful girl who had a Mistress who adored her. The Mistress would always tell her how pretty she looked in her frilly panties and plaid skirts. Every evening at 10 o'clock she would draw a bath for Mistress, a small amount of body oil was added, candles and incense lit. If she had been a good girl that day Mistress allowed her to bathe Her. The girls favorite part was watching Mistress shave Her legs and cunt, she always secretly wanted to shave Mistress though she doubted she could ever earn such an honor. Sometimes she would get lost in the motion of the razor slowly sliding over Her flesh.

One evening while she was preparing Mistress' bath Mistress entered the room and ordered her to undress. The girl was very taken aback but quickly did as she was told. Mistress watched as each article of clothing was removed then slowly ran Her hand across the girls chest to her stomach, stopping at the beginning of her genitals. She tells the girl to get into the tub at to bathe herself as she would Mistress. The girl washes every inch of skin as she would Her's then takes the razor in her hand. As she shaves her legs in her mind it is Mistress' legs that she is shaving ...Mistress' womanhood that is becoming smooth. At this thought her little clitty starts to get hard. Quickly she turns to see if Mistress is watching, She is. A slow smile crosses Her lips and She orders the girl out of the tub. The girl is told to dry off then join her Mistress in Her bedroom.

The girl enters the room slowly, ashamed of allowing herself to become visibly excited. Mistress motions her to approach Her chair, the girl knows when Mistress is in Her 'special' chair that she is to crawl to Her. As she gets to Mistress feet she obediently kisses them but is stop by a pull of the hair. She is pulled across Mistress' lap and held in place by Her hand across her back. The other hand makes slow circles on the girl's buttocks. Mistress asks about what thought was going through the girls head to cause her clit to rise without permission. The girl hesitates and receives a hard swat to the left buttock. Not expecting the strike, the girl cries out. Mistress warns that the girl is to answer the question or receive a more sever strike. The girl tells Mistress that she was thinking of Her and how it would feel to shave Her. Mistress again rubs the girl's buttocks softly ... rubbing between her legs towards her clit. She praises the girl for being truthful as the girls clit again begins to swell.

The Mistress pushes the girl back onto the floor and tells her to get on her knees with her ass turn towards Her, She runs her hands between the girl's legs, caressing her clit. She inserts a finger into the girl causing a moan to escape her lips. The Mistress pulls the girl back towards Her as She slides the tip of Her strap-on inside her, the girl tries to fight back the screams as all 8 inches of Her cock is pushed deep inside her. This is the first time her Mistress has ever taken her, fear gives way to pleasure as now the girl fights not to climax without permission. Her Mistress senses this and tells the girl to beg for it ... beg to make a mess for Mistress ... the pleas from Her newly made slut bring Her to orgasm, at which point She allows Her slave to cum as well. That night the girl dreams not only of shaving Mistress but of what Her cock would taste like as well.....

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