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~ Professional Services ~

Mistress Sky, CCht.
~ Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist ~

Being as you came to this website, you are obviously searching for a release from your current reality. Allow Me to assist you... 

I am a lifestyle Dominant, My diversity of knowledge and pleasures is endless. I enjoy various types of SM play from sensual to sadistic. Corporal punishment, feminization, fisting, anal play, strap-on worship, erotic roleplay, CBT, OTK ... are just a few of My favorite activities. I have a delicious food fetish and a passion for ponies as well.

I enjoy doing phone sessions for totally selfish reasons, I have a fantasy fetish.  I love exploring fantasies with people and doing so via phone gives a freedom to explore ideas/activities that in the 'real world' are not always possible ... not to the extent that the imagination allows. 

So ... what's your fantasy?

Are you a spoiled brat needing discipline who is looking for a woman who can get into your mind and take control? A good spanking or enema will turn you from naughty to nice.

Are you a sissy boy playing dress-up and dreaming of an open-minded Woman to guide you deeper into your femininity? By force or by choice, easing your feelings of guilt or confusion about your desires and needs.

Do you long to give yourself over completely to a woman who can dominate your thoughts, captivate your imagination and seduce your mind? Fulfilling your craving for complete surrender, absolute acceptance, and strict Domination?

Look no further because you have found Her.

Sensual Sadism is My specialty. I can be the Mistress of your wildest dreams or intense nightmares. I used hypnosis to bring to life your darkest thoughts. Giving you the freedom to live out your deepest fantasies and embrace your 'taboo' desires.

I train both male and females to develop skills of submission, slavery, pain appreciation, gender exploration, and more. I mentor Females Only in Domination.  Males are here to serve Me, repeat that several times to yourself before contacting Me.

I offer Phone Sessions, Email Training, Audio Instruction, and In-Person Interaction**.

To purchase personal items Email Me with your request for an item along with the tribute amount you are offering.

You will be notified via email regarding My decision. Personal checks and money orders are accepted, checks must be cleared by the bank before items are provided.

Email Me for purchase information.

** I will discuss in-person interaction with clients that have proven worthy of My time. I am a Dominant, not a kinky prostitute. I DO NOT provide sexual services or engage in sexual activities during in-person sessions, if that is what you are looking for look elsewhere. I require My clients to think with more than their little dicks.