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Welcome, Open Your Mind and Stay a While!

Enjoy your stay and come back to visit often. The Sky's the limit on what will be added next!

This section is dedicated to the education and enlightenment of persons interested in exploring BDsM in a Safe, Sane, and Consensual manner. The information focuses on providing knowledge to assure your play is done safely and with proper technique.

Topics will be added and updated regularly. Enjoy your visit.

Peace in Leather~

Mistress Sky

Mind Enhancing Articles

The following articles are a collection of My own personal writings as well as materials used with the Author's permission. None of the material contained in this section or any other area of is to be used without writen approval.

What is D/s?

D/s is the abbreviation for Dominance and submission, simple. The acts of Dominance and submission cannot be so easily defined as only you can define what it is to you, for each person it is different.

Beyond Human

This article is one of those aimed at a target group, submissives, but Dominants would do well in reading these words as well.

Professional Domination

The profession of Domination has come under-fire by people of all chosen lifestyles and genders. It has been mistakenly associated with prostitution and talked down about by persons who judgments are formed from anything but informed thoughts. My views on the subject are created with knowledge, experience, and understanding of why prejudice exist against alternative lifestyles. As a BDsM active Lesbian Professional Dominant I am a member of many of the communities not readily accepted by society as a whole.

Old Guard History and Traditions

Old Guard is a subject in the Leather community that is greatly misunderstood due to lack of knowledge. This is the first addition to this section, it is writen by Guy Baldwin (thank you to Mr. Baldwin for permission to use it). In this article he brings light to the traditions and protocols used then, and still practiced now.

Educational Information

First Aid and Safety

Suggestions for First-Aid and Emergency Kit contents and links to information regarding First Aid and medical safety techniques.

Glossary of BDsM Terminology

A list of definitions for many BDsM terms and abbreviations. Words are updated regularly so check back often to broaden your pervert vocabulary. If you do not find the word you are looking for, email Mistress Sky with it and She will see it gets defined and added.

Hanky Codes

"Hanky Codes" were developed by the gay male community in the 1970's as a silent method of communicating the type of interaction they were seeking. There are many different code lists, some border on plain silliness, but the main codes remain the same.

Suggested Reading

This list of books consists of books that I have personally read and have found to be acceptable for those beginning to explore D/s, SM, feminization, and gender exploration. This list will continue to expand as I broaden My educational reading library ... one can never possess too much knowledge!

Links and Resources

Various links to websites of BDsM and fetish content. This list includes sites that sell toys and dungeon equipment as well as sites for meeting like minded people.

Stories for Erotic Minds

Stories from the Sling

Sit back, sweeties, and enjoy the erotically twisted tales created by Mistress Sky as She swings gently in Her sling writing of all the wonderfully kinky things She loves to do to sweet squirming submissives that become prisoner of Mistress's Sadistic delights! (Say that 5 times fast!)

  Creations from the Cage Since a certain pony pointed out that the stories are taking too long, she will now be working on new content for this section. This will teach her to open her mouth.

Cyber Corner

Online BDsM

Just like any other social group, the Online BDsM community has it's own set of rules and ethics. If you are desiring to frequent online chatrooms and message boards it would be of great value to you to learn the protocols of the individual places you plan on visiting. Don't be fooled, not all of them will share the same guidlines

To Cap or not to Cap

The use of different captialization for Dom/mes and submissives/slave is an argument that continues online and off, here are My reasons for the practice.

Humor - Good, Bad, and Otherwise

Jokes ~ Mistress Sky does not take blame for all of them!