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In order to meet with Me you must first take the time to introduce yourself properly. I require an email of introduction to include what you are desiring in a session. A deposit is required at the time the session is scheduled. Deposits are non-refundable except in the case of medical emergency ... yes, a doctor's note will be required.

Speaking of medical issues, I expect you to disclose any physical limitations you have. You will be honest and answer all My questions or you will not be considered for session.

In-person sessions with Me DO NOT include ANY sexual contact. I am a Dominatrix, not a prostitute.

If you would like more information take the time to email Me and ask for it.

Satin wishes and solid slaps ~

Mistress Sky

~ Professional Dominas Recommended By Me ~

Mistress Cyan, CA -- Mistress Cyan is the Founder & Organizer of DomConLA/DomConAtlanta, owner of The Sanctuary in Los Angeles, and one of the most exquisite Dominas I have had the pleasure of meeting.

Mistress Ellen, CA -- Mistress Ellen's class and grace radiate when She enters the room. She is a true Lady!

The Insatiable Amazon of Atlanta -- She commands all that come within Her presence ... captivating eyes, sexy long legs, and true Dominance. She is an elite Domina!

Mistress Prudence, NM -- Strict, Sensual, domination with a softer side.

Goddess Sonya ~ Sublime Lady of the OWK -- The Ultimate Ebony Humiliatrix

Domina Vendela Zane,PH.D, PA -- Her site is a MUST to visit. There is too much this Lady has to offer to do Her justice listing it here! Hot, Sexy, Sadistic!