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Mistress Sky Fiske, CCht.
~ The Sensual and Sadistic Hypnotist ~

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist; Professional Dominatrix; Mistress of mind, body, and your submissive soul ...

  Greetings and Welcome to My Domain ~

My website is pansexual and pankinkual in nature. Cross-dresser or closeted panty lover; leather dyke or weekend kinkster; Dominant, submissive/slave or a happy switch; boy(i), girl, pony, puppy, footstool … I cater to the part of you that others call 'kinky', 'dirty', 'perverted'.

My site has two sections. One dedicated to professional services that I offer and one that focuses on education. Both sections focus on Dominance, submission, sadomasochism, feminization, and other alternative ways or living and loving.

The professional services that I offer cater to the secret part of you that aches to come out to play. Explore your fantasies safely and discretely with Me. I offer phone sessions, email training, and personal meetings. I am a certified Hypnotherapist, the mind as well as the body is My playground.

The education portion includes information on safer sex, proper use of toys, some warped humor, shared life experiences, and links to other educational BDsM websites.

People judge negatively what they do not understand. If you are just starting to realize the part of you drawn to BDsM not understanding that part of yourself may lead you to feel negatively about it, each section of My website is set up to help you gain self-acceptance.

Enjoy your stay and come back often.

Satin wishes and solid slaps ~

Mistress Sky