Personal Interview with Mistress Sky

What do you enjoy about SM?

Sadomasochism is an outlet for My creativity in both My professional and private lives. I feed off the energy of those I play with, I don't exchange it. Draining their mind of fears, bodies of resistance, heart of doubts. Allowing them to find freedom in their surrender.

When I am interacting with a client My satisfaction comes from taking the person the edge of their deepest, darkest fantasies. Bringing them into the world of Ds they only dreamed of then safely returning them to their reality.

When I am playing with one of My own personal slaves My satisfaction comes from pushing the person little by little past their perceived 'limits'. The pain one will take to please Mistress is what empowers Me.

Do you have any special skills or fetishes?

Special skills - I have the knowledge and ability to do many things but I have no need to engage in any activity that I do not truly enjoy. I have worked to perfect those activities that I find pleasurable, which are most things Sadistic. My favorite item is the singletail, it is as diverse and sensual as I am.

Erotic hypnosis, mind games, humiliation,and having a wicked imagination are among My list of talents.

Fetishes - animal role-play (ponies are a passion), food play, feminization, genital torture, just to name a few.

What is your playspace like?

My play space exists anywhere I desire it to be. It could be a secluded spot in the woods or desert … ropes, cactus needles, switches of all sizes close at hand. It could be a barn with built-in stalls, harnesses, riding crops, an equestrian's delight. Or maybe a room dimly lit by candles furnished with chains, hanging cages, slings … toys to torture and tease.

My SM is spontaneous, creative, and imaginative. When and where I play is in the moment I desire.

What do you love to do in a dungeon?

Professionally - I love to fulfill My clients fantasy, within the limits of the session rules, to the point were the session outdoes the fantasy itself.

Personally - I love taking My slaves further into their submission to Me. Each interaction builds a deeper level of Ownership. Using a combination of pain, pleasure, and erotic mental manipulation the bond strengthens.

What will you not do in a dungeon?

Professionally - I will not engage in any sexual activities, blood sports, exchanges of bodily fluids, scat, or any other activity that I find offensive.

Personally - I will not punish a slave in the dungeon. Physical punishment is not SM, it is for "real real not for play play". It does not get administered in a play environment.

Do you offer overnights/outcalls/phone/email training/videos/personal items?

I offer outcalls, phones sessions, email lessons, and audio instruction. I offer personal items to anyone who offers an acceptable tribute and begs Me for the item they desire. I may have a few other requirements depending on how many tricks I desire of the person … it is all about keeping Me amused.

What are your physical stats?

I am a tattooed, pierced, blue-eyed Queen Bitch Goddess who can take you to your knees in a heartbeat. Pictures are posted.

What makes you unique?

Nothing 'makes' Me unique, I was born that way.

My dominance is not a game. BDsM is My chosen way of living, loving, working. It is not My fetish or fantasy, it is My reality.

BDsM Bio?

When My journey into BDsM began it did not have a name. It did not have structure. It was this dark side of Me that was hidden. It was one of several parts of Me that was deemed "unacceptable", My sexuality being another.

Twenty years ago My journey took a turn. It was given a name, a purpose, and no longer was hidden. I began exploring deeper and learning about BDsM. I got involved in the local community, discovered who I truly am as a Leather Woman, and fouund My calling as a Domintrix.

In 1999 I went to work for a wonderful Professional Domination service, which I still work for today ( In the year that followed I developed an interest in feminization. Gender has always fascinated Me and the more I learn the more I desire to know. I worked briefly for another service that focused on sissy boys before going off on My own ventures.

I started designing My website in 2002, it has been a never-ending work-in-progress ever since. Like Me, it is continuously growing, changing … the goal to give others a place to let out there dark side, a place where it is acceptable to be a pervert, a place where sweet submissive and slaves can come pay homage to Me, and learn a thing or two about the real world of BDsM along the way.

Personal Bio?

As many of My clients know, and now all of you know, I am a Lesbian Domina. Currently I am single and altough being into Leather is not required to be My partner, being accepting of who I am and what I do is required.

People tend to believe that because I am a Dominatrix that I do not enjoy 'vanilla' activities or that I have the need to be in control at all times. Both are far from true. I enjoy and desire a romantic butch that can sweep Me off My feet, feed off of My warped sense of humor, and be a mutual partner in the relationship.