Safety is this responsibility of each person in the scene. Communication, physical and/or verbal, is a must during a scene to assure that the scene is not being taken to a dangerous level. It is your responsiblity to know your play-partner as well as to disclose any medical problems and physical/emotional limitations you have that could lead to complications during a scene.

A first-aid kit should be kept in your toybag if you travel to play parties. Though all play spaces should be equipped with a Safety kit do not assume that one will be available, take your own!

Below is a list of suggested materials for both a First-Aid kit and an Emergency Kit for a play space. Links are also provided to assist in learning First Aid procedures and techniques.

Latex Allergies

Safer Sex practices are not foolproof but they are necessary to understand and use. The links included at the bottom of the page have a wonderful database of information to assist you in learning the tips and techniques to safer sexual contact and play.

However, what I have not been able to find in any of the materials that I have researched is an idea of what to do if you or your partner are allergic to Latex. Non-latex gloves, dams, and condoms have not been proven effective in protecting a person from AIDS or other blood pathogens. I have addressed this issue with many Physicians and the AIDS Awareness groups and was again told that Latex is the only barrier recommended to assist in stopping the spread of such disease.

In order to both be protected and not suffer adverse reactions to Latex I recommended a double or triple layer of protective barrier, be it condom or gloves. If the 'giver' 'fucker' Top', pick one, is allergic to Latex, a non-latex product can be used under the latex barrier to keep the latex off the skin. If the 'reciever' 'fuckee' 'bottom', again your choice, is allergic to latex place the non-latex product over the latex barrier to protect his/her skin. If both of you are allergic, sandwich the latex in between non-latex products so that neither party comes in contact with the latex.

Double wrapping is always recommended even if there is no allergy to latex. Things do break under the stress of passion and the safer you are the funner it can be made to be!

First-Aid Kit

Latex Gloves -* non-latex gloves have not been proven to prevent the spread of blood pathegens*

Gauze dressing - 10 or more; 4X4 or various sizes

Ace Bandages - the type with velcro strips provide quick, secure, fastening.

Adhesive tape

Aloe Vera Gel

Anesthetic Spray

Antibiotic creme

Band aides - assorted sizes and shapes (knuckle and fingertip included)


Germ-x (waterless antibacterial soap)

Alcohol pads

Scissors - EMT scissors can cut various materials quickly

Instant use Hot and Cold packs

KY Jelly

Sling bandage


Sterile cotton

Sterile gauze dressing

Cotton Balls




Razor Blade

Smelling Salts

Burn ointment


Dental Dams

Spermicidal creme

Tylenol or other pain/fever reducer


Rubbing Alcohol

Eye cup

First-aide Guide

Emergency Kit for Play Space

First Aid Kit (see above list)

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Blanket

Shears or EMT Scissors

Bolt Cutters

Plaster Cutter (if using plaster materials)



Extra Batteries

Spare Keys to locks (locks should be keyed the same for safety)

Spray Bottle CLEARLY MARKED 1 containing mixture of 1 part bleach/ 9 parts water or 1 part alcohol/8 parts water

Antibacterial soap

Travel Sewing Kit

Duct Tape

Medic Online - First Aid Information and Medical Reference

Government Guide to STD's

National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention


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