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Femobics - Feminine Aerobics

Femobics is an aerobics course designed specially for sissies and those who want to enjoy and celebrate their feminine being. I do not teach weight training and muscle men are not allowed ... boys will be girls in My class! Taking sissy steps towards femmey-fitness with aerobic dance routines blended with step-aerobics. Of course proper female exercise attire is a must.

Mistress Sky will be offering classes in the Albuquerque area with sign-up being announced 2 weeks before classes start.

Not in New Mexico? Never fear, Femobics tapes and CD's can be ordered!

Mistress Sky will not be there with Dressage whip in hand to assure your tushy does not lag behind but there will be video demonstration of what lazy little girls get as punishment.

Check back often for more information on joining or ordering Femobics!

Solid Slaps and satin wishes ~

Mistress Sky

Femobics is a registered trademark of Fiske Enterprises and 2003