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Email Training allows you and I to enjoy a one-on-one relationship without the concerns phone sessions may bring you.It gives you an alternative medium to explore your fantasies in a private, confidential manner.

Email training offers you the freedom to express your fantasies, fear, desires, and expectations in confidence with a real Mistress ... not the fantasy Domme in your mind.

Freely express thoughts and/or emotions you have longed to share. Ask the questions you ache to have answered. Feel the freedom giving over control can bring you.Gain acceptance of your 'perverted' side ... that is the part Mistress adores most about you!

The email lessons and advice I send to you will be focused around the issues and topics that interest you. Information shared is confidential and for the eyes of Me, Mistress Sky, only! Any questions you have will be answered to the best of My ability with research done to assure they are answered correctly.

Payment can be sent to:

Sky Fiske
PO Box 1675
Peralta, NM 87042

After the payment has been sent email Me at describing what it is you desire. When I receive the payment I will send you an email confirmation along with the firstlesson and/or request for additional information.

The rates for email interactions are as follows:

1 Email Training Lesson $35.00
1 month Email Training (4 lessons) $120.00
1 Personalized Email Fantasy $45.00

Pre-written lessons and fantasies $25.00