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Professional Domination

Yes, I am a professional Dominatrix. Say the words "Professional Dominatrix" and you will see many different reactions, more so negative than positive. The same disgusted looks you get when speaking of BDsM, homosexuality, or any other topic people feel is 'socially unacceptable' you will receive when saying anything in regards to professional domination. Unlike the use of the above words, you will not only get those judgmental responses from the 'vanilla' society but from fellow BDsM practitioners as well, sad but true. One would think that a community that is judged so harshly for their way of living would be more open to the practices of others - prejudice is found in all circles.

The main arguments I hear against professional domination are that it is against the BDsM community to get paid for activities that you are supposed to enjoy. Or that if a Dominant truly wants to help people she will not charge for services. So in following that logic, everyone who enjoys their jobs should quit and anyone who is a Doctor, counselor, or self-help worker should start giving freebies. I think not. Another myth and reason for misdirected feelings towards professional dominants is that it promotes sexual contact. Professional Domination is NOT prostitution nor is it against the protocols and ethics of the BDsM community. It is a healthy, discrete, and mutually beneficial relationship between Mistress and a client. The activities explored are safe, sane, and consensual between the persons involved but DOES NOT involves sexual contact.