To cap or not to cap...

It has come to My attention that some submissives/bottoms have been tagging Dominants for not capping their names. They believe that a lower case letter used means that the Dom/me is viewing them as lower than the Dom/me. That may be the reason some online, wannabe Dom/mes use such mannerisms but it is not how true Dominants (or submissives) view the behavior. It is used as a form of respect ... nothing more, nothing less.

Just as a submissive uses titles such as Sir or Ma'am when referring to Dominants they respect and look up to, a Dominant who does not cap a name does so to show respect to that submissive/bottom , as well as to honor that person's position in the lifestyle. For those of you submissives and bottoms who dislike the use of that protocol I suggest that you politely state such and not go off on a rampage. Better yet, ASK the person nicely why He or She chooses not to use caps, you may be pleasantly surprised at the response you receive. The Dominants that do not know the answer to that question or respond to it in a degrading manner, do with as you wish!

Personally, I have stopped using such mannerisms in the rooms except with those that I believe to be true players and who know that I am showing them the respect and admiration that they deserve. It is a shame that so many online do not have a clue about the lifestyle they pretend to lead. Stop finding reasons to fight with one another and use that energy to explore and expand Y/your knowledge.

In Leather Pride,

Sky Fiske

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